About Alternative Smoke

If you were really honest with yourself and the people around you, it’s pretty likely that you would say that you know tobacco is dangerous. Let’s face it… information about the dangers of tobacco are plastered everywhere these days. From billboards to magazine ads to commercials between the hottest reality shows, smoking cessation is a campaign that is hard to miss.

Unfortunately, despite knowing the risks, many smokers continue to use tobacco. Maybe you’re one of them. If you are still smoking, it’s probably because you haven’t yet found a way that you can actually quit the habit for good. If you’ve thrown away your cigarettes multiple times only to break down and buy another pack, there is a better way.

At Alternative Smoke, we are guiding smokers to discover brand new products that are realistic alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. We will show you how to transition into using an alternative nicotine product so that you can finally quit smoking once and for all.

Consider Ecigs as an Alternative to Tobacco

With the beginning of the new year right around the corner, people just like you are starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions. For some people, all of the get togethers around the holidays can mean a larger waistline. The resolution that these people will likely have will be to exercise more or try to lose some weight. But one of the other popular resolutions that you hear at the beginning of a new year is from people who want to quit smoking. Just like losing weight, this can be a tough resolution to accomplish.

If you have tried many times to quit smoking, there is one more way that might just be the perfect solution to help you get your resolution checked off the list once and for all. The answer that I am talking about is ecigs or electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are similar to tobacco cigarettes, but the big difference is how they work. Obviously, they are an electronic device that looks and acts like a traditional cigarette, but there are a few major differences.

When you smoke an electronic cigarette, you are choosing a cigarette that does not produce smoke. This means that you are not inhaling smoke and those around you are subjected to breathing in second hand smoke. Another big difference that is the reason that so many people use ecigs to quit smoking is that when you buy electronic cigarettes and their cartridges, you get to decide how much nicotine is in them. If quitting smoking is your goal, you can gradually wean yourself off of the high nicotine cigarettes until you are smoking cigarettes with no nicotine in them at all!

From Dipping to Ecigs


Allow me to explain who I am and what I have accomplished. My name is Jackson and I have been a tobacco user for almost 17 years. Over that time I have smoked cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. I have also chewed tobacco and dipped snuff. Of all those items there is one that I really fell in love with. I loved dipping. I liked long cut tobacco that was very moist. In fact, my favorite dip was Grizzly Wintergreen. It was my favorite because I actually loved the flavor. But I knew that my health was in danger. We all know that dip is a serious contributor to mouth cancer. But the major issues with trying to stop dipping are the nicotine and the feel of having something in your mouth. But I knew I needed to stop.

So I decided that I was going to try an ecig. I visited the local vape store and I was educated about all the many different models and types of ecigs. I learned that the nicotine cravings could be controlled. The main issue for me was going to be having something in my mouth. So I started chewing gum. It wasn’t the same but it did help me get past the worst of the cravings. I am proud to say that within 1 week I was no longer craving dip. Sure, I am now using an ecig on a regular basis but I am no longer exposing myself to serious cancer causing agents. I would like to thank my wife for helping me to kick the habit. It was hard and it was something that was part of our lives for almost 17 years. But thankfully I have become a vapor that no longer needs tobacco.

Why Tobacco Users Should Seek An Alternative


If you didn’t already know, tobacco kills and doesn’t play around when it comes to your health. You may already be aware of how second hand smoke affects your loved ones in a negative manner, but you may not know about a few of these important reasons you should quit smoking. Let’s take a look at a few of these reasons together.

I bet you didn’t know that smoking tobacco can cause impotence in men. Yes you read that right, it can cause men to not be able to perform. What man wants to be embarrassed by his parts not working right? My guess is, not any man wants to deal with that type of embarrassment. You may feel like smoking has taken over your life, but you have no idea just how low tobacco can take you until it starts effecting your sex life. This is a very important reason for men to quit smoking.

Another important reason to quit smoking and to seek another alternative is because of the way it will begin to make you look over the years. Many women pride themselves in their physical appearance. Smoking tobacco will take its toll on your body’s physical appearance over time. Your fingernails and teeth will turn yellow and your breasts will begin to sag. If you don’t want to look old and ugly before your time, then you should give up smoking tobacco before it is too late.

Quit smoking to have a better life with your family. Your health will improve in so many different ways if you quit using tobacco and seek another alternative. All you have to do is make that one change in your life and your life will be greatly altered for the better forever! Just do it!

Reasons To Consider Tobacco Alternatives


Smoking is bad for your health. We all have heard this and it is time that we all started doing something about it. I dare say that many of you who have heard this news are still smoking your tobacco laden cigarettes and not worrying about it. Folks, it is time to worry about it and to make a change for the better. If you have not yet tried electronic cigarettes then you need to make the change today. In this article I will give you three good reasons why you should consider tobacco alternatives for your present and future.

The first reason that you should consider tobacco alternatives such as electronic cigarettes is for all around better health. No one wants to die young and if you continue to smoke your tobacco cigarettes you are going to do just that! Electronic cigarettes are very much like tobacco cigarettes in that they can taste the same, they look very much the same and they even feel the same to some degree. The makers of ecigs have gone above and beyond what anyone expected and all of you who smoke need to give them a try for your health. You will find that since ecigs do not contain tobacco your health will begin to improve almost instantly as you begin to breathe better!

Another reason you should consider making the switch from tobacco to ecigs is for better breath! Have you ever been told by your loved ones that they cannot stand to kiss you because of your smokers breath? Well, bad smoker’s breath is a thing of the past once you make the switch to ecigs and it’s my guess that you will enjoy all the kisses you are going to get once you do!

Why Ecigs Make the Best Alternative to Tobacco


For over 30 years the American people have ben told about the dangers of tobacco. We have all heard the topics and we have all read the pamphlets. We have seen the news stories and we have learned about the million dollar law suites due to tobacco use. The truth of the matter is that tobacco is a harmful substance but it is also made more harmful by the processing that takes place in these huge tobacco firms. The chemicals that are added to the tobacco are known to cause cancer and these chemicals are known to be very, very poisonous. So what are the alternatives? Up until recently they were few and far between. However these days’ things are changing. Today you have the option to switch to electronic cigarettes. Ecigs are quickly becoming the favorite alternative to traditional cigarettes and there are real reasons why this is the case.

First, ecigs are not made from tobacco. They are completely tobacco free. This is great news because t removes the key component that has been linked to cancer. This is also a great thing because it removes the use of a substance that can harm your body. Second, electronic cigarettes are a great alternative because they do not emit any smoke. The way this is accomplished is by using a substance known as propylene glycol. The idea here is to heat up a vegetable oil that will then be used to transmit a flavor and nicotine. As a result, ecigs emit water vapor, not smoke. This makes them cleaner, as well as less intrusive to other people. Perhaps the best reason for using ecigs as an alternative to regular cigarettes is that they can be used in places that regular cigarettes are banned. It really is that simple. They are safer, cleaner, and less intrusive.

2 Great Tobacco Alternatives


For over 25 years I was an avid smoker. I started smoking when I was a young kid, around 13 years old. I would sneak a few cigarettes from my mom and dad I would hide them in my room. Over time I went from sneaking the cigarettes to just plain buying my own. At that time there was not a huge push to remove cigarettes from the hands of kids. While I was a smoker I was aware that my health was getting worse and that this product was going to kill me if I did not do something different. So I decided that I was going to try something new. What did I try? I decided that I was going to try electronic cigarettes. Now I understand that the makers of these products do not market them as a way to stop smoking. But I have learned that it is a great alternative to tobacco.

I ended up trying 2 new products that I wanted to learn about. I bought an electronic cigarette and an electronic cigar. These products are not new but they are new to me. The products are great because they do not produce smoke. They do not produce second hand smoke. They do not have any tobacco in them at all and, they do not have any of the harmful chemicals found in regular tobacco. This product turned out great for me because it allowed me to experience new flavors and a new culture. I am now a proud user of the ecig and the ecigar and they have helped me to remove tobacco completely from my life. This is great news for my health and for my family.

You’re Going to Love the Convenience of Electronic Cigarettes!

Once you make the change to electronic cigarettes, you will start to fully appreciate exactly how inconvenient smoking really is. You won’t believe how much easier your life becomes once you have made the change and be very glad you took the incentive to finally purchase a starter kit.

The fact that you can enjoy electronic cigarettes virtually anywhere you go is the most obvious way that they make your life a little easier. Not only does using them spare you the worry of possibly collecting a huge fine, but since the vapor they produce is odorless, you don’t have to worry about offending anyone you might be sitting near.

As a smoker you’ve often experienced the irritation of shifting through all of your pockets and not being able to locate your lighter, meaning you won’t be able to enjoy a quick cigarette break after all. This will never happen after you make the switch to e-cigs. Not only does the battery hold a charge for a really long time, there’s a variety of different ways you can charge them, including plugging them into your computer, so they’ll always be ready to supply you with a much needed blast of nicotine.

When you stop and think about it, dealing with the discarded butts and ash produced by your cigarettes is a real headache. Not only do you have to make sure there’s an ashtray nearby, but you also have to worry about whether the ash will come into contact with dry paper products, starting a fire.

Electronic cigarettes make it possible for you to sit back and enjoy the sensation of smoking without any of the hassle and bother that previously plagued your life.

How to Quit Smoking Without Anyone’s Help

If you are addicted to tobacco and you feel like there is no way you can quit using it, you are wrong. The brain is a powerful tool and if you are willing to use it, it can work well for you. First of all you need to be READY to quit smoking. Once you are ready to change your life for the better, no one or anything can stop you. All you have to do is set your mind to it.

It is important that you figure out the exact reasons that you want to stop smoking so that you can dwell on these reasons to help you quit. If giving up cigarettes is important to you because you want better health, then focus on the things you will be able to do again once you stop. Make a goal board with all your hopes and dreams and goals posted on it. As you begin to smoke less and less you can watch as you come closer to your goals. Maybe one of your goals is to be able to run again. That will be much easier when your chronic cough goes away.

Another way to quit smoking is to concentrate on all the money you will be saving after you give up smoking. If your family is struggling financially as most of us are, you can think about all the cool things you will be able to afford once you give up smoking and this will help you to achieve your goal.

It is important that you are ready for this type of “cold turkey” quitting before you begin it or you will surely fail. Your mind has to be set to quit and you will totally be able to achieve it!

The Best Ways To Quit Smoking

If you are addicted to tobacco then you already know what a powerful drug it is and that it can seem impossible to give up. I am here to tell you that despite the difficulty, it actually is possible to quit smoking… I did. Let me give you a few ideas that might help you join me in a tobacco-free lifestyle.

First of all you can try the “cold turkey” method. No this is not where you eat a cold turkey sandwich, but rather where you make a decision to give up cigarettes once and for all and you never pick one up again. I know this method can work, but only with God’s help. My own father quit smoking “cold turkey” after 40 years. It was only by the grace of God and with the help of God that this took place. It is possible, but it certainly won’t be easy.

Another method that helps folks to quit smoking tobacco is to transition to using tobacco-free electronic cigarettes. Once you are completely tobacco-free, you can decide if you want to give up the e-cigs as well. If you want to stop smoking, electronic cigarettes can make it possible and are doing so for many people already.

Another good way to quit smoking is with the help of acupuncture. Acupuncture is an old remedy but it is one that works. When the needles are placed under your skin you get a feeling of total relaxation that nothing else can give, much like that of smoking cigarettes. Once you get on a routine regimen of acupuncture treatments, you will no longer crave tobacco for a stress reliever. You can also give hypnosis a try if none of these other “stop smoking” methods work for you.